Our Expertise

Our Expertise

The team behind bioXcelerate aims to enhance the drug development process, accelerate time to insight, generate evidence to support drug discovery and development pipeline, and establish efficient result visualization and interpretation infrastructure.

Translational Genomics

bioXcelerate assist clients in understanding disease mechanisms and biochemistry. We identify treatable diseases for drug targets, matching them with effective cell lines and tissues. Our in-silico risk assessments guide will inform our clients’ best next actions for in-vitro and in-vivo experiments. We achieve this by leveraging our expertise in multi-omics integration, proteomics, methylation, and metabolomics.

Precision Medicine

In the shift towards personalized healthcare, the team at bioXcelerate ensures they leverage diverse data sources like proteomics, electronic health records, and imaging. This aids our objective in identifying predictive, diagnostic, and prognostic biomarkers, thereby deepening our comprehension of diseases. In turn, bioXcelerate can aid clients in optimizing drug discovery and lowering clinical development risks, including identifying markers for adverse events and responders vs. non-responders.

Our domain knowledge and engineering capabilities enable us to visualize disease-specific insights, accelerating the decision-making process.

Human Genetics

Human genetic evidence plays a crucial role in drug development by identifying novel drug targets and understanding disease susceptibility. We streamline the integration of genetics to enhance target identification, using advanced statistical and machine learning tools to establish causal links between genes and diseases through genome-wide association studies (GWAS). Our goal is to empower clients to disrupt the disease causal pathway using genetics and causal inference, providing valuable insights for drug discovery and repurposing.

Digital Health

By harnessing the power of patient-level Real-World Data (RWD) such as electronic health records, claims, sensor data, and medical imaging, BioXcelerate develops innovative solutions that support our clients in drug development, early diagnostics, and clinical development.

For instance, we accurately model patient journeys to enhance patient recruitment and de-risk clinical trials, all while seamlessly integrating multi-modal data via knowledge graphs to provide holistic context for our clients’ research findings.

Biobank Design

Genetic and genomic studies often demand the recruitment and sequencing of hundreds of thousands of patients, with uncertain returns on investment.

At bioXcelerate, we gauge the potential value of investing in future human genetic studies and biobanks using our proprietary technology. We provide robust disease-specific decision-making strategies to support biobank designs informed by population stratifications. This valuable insight enables our clients to effectively prioritize future genetic and functional genomic explorations

Engineering at Scale

In response to the increasing volume and complexity of healthcare data, bioXcelerate harnesses the expertise of industry-leading Data Engineering professionals versed in sophisticated technical infrastructures spanning Health, Finance, and Energy.

Our mission is to streamline the data landscape, facilitating our team’s concentrated efforts on improving health outcomes for patients. By implementing well-engineered solutions and with the added support of our advanced ML practice, we optimize complex data environments, ensuring the accessibility of tools and data for analysis and automation.