The Team

The Team

With years of experience in both academia and industry, bioXcelerate has assembled a group of highly talented scientists to tackle the scientific and engineering challenges in the life sciences industry.

Zhana Kuncheva Ph.D

Director of Health Data Science

Chris Foley Ph.D

Chief Scientist & Managing Director

Soroosh Afyouni Ph.D

Lead Data Scientist

Manju Dissanayake Ph.D

Lead Data Scientist

Daniel McCartney Ph.D

Senior Scientist

Andrew Campbell

Commercial Director

The Wider Team

BioXcelerate has emerged as a result of the collective efforts of Optima Partners Ltd, an advanced data and business consultancy who partner with leading consumer brands to drive transformation agendas and catalyse customer-centricity. The team work with a range of clients from different industries, from life sciences to finance. Through deep expertise in customer strategy, design innovation, and cutting-edge data science and engineering, the team support organisations to unlock latent value through a three-pronged approach that focuses on identifying and enhancing value for customers, within the customer base, and within the business itself. In doing so, they foster sustainable value, paving the way for consistent business growth.

Current Vacancies

Senior or Lead Data/Software Engineer:

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Senior/Lead Health Data Scientist (Statistical Genetics or Bioinformatics):

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