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Dr. Daniel McCartney is a Senior Scientist at BioXcelerate Health Data Science with expertise in the application of large omics datasets to decipher the genetic underpinnings of disease risk. 

Daniel’s academic foundation was established with an undergraduate degree in genetics from Trinity College Dublin (2007-2011). This solid grounding paved the way for further specialization. He pursued a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences (2011-2012), followed by a doctoral degree in psychiatric genetics (2012-2016), both of which were conferred by the University of Edinburgh.

Following his studies, Daniel took up a role with an Edinburgh-based company, providing bioinformatics solutions to a diverse set of clients from both academic and commercial settings.

Daniel returned to academic research in 2018 to undertake a postdoctoral research project, supported by Alzheimer’s Research UK, alongside Prof. Riccardo Marioni. This research fellowship saw him apply omics-based methods to predict complex traits associated with aging, with a particular emphasis on genetics and DNA methylation. His work in this area has made significant contributions to understanding the biological processes underlying aging and age-related diseases.

In addition to his pivotal role at BioXcelerate, Daniel holds the position of Senior Bioinformatics Analyst at the University of Edinburgh. Here, he manages the omics and linked health data resources for the Generation Scotland study. This dual responsibility reflects his commitment to advancing scientific knowledge in both academic and practical contexts.

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